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7 Reasons to Drink Chamomile Tea

7 Reasons to Drink Chamomile Tea

What if I told you there is one simple and elegant drink that can save you several trips to the doctor’s office in a year, save a lot of money on prescription medications, and improve longevity? Chamomile tea is such a drink. There are so many health benefits of Chamomile tea that researchers haven’t done figuring them all out yet. In this article, we are going to talk about 7 reasons to drink a cup of Chamomile tea every day.

First, let’s get to some general information on Chamomile tea.

What is a Chamomile?

Chamomile is a daisy-like plant that belongs to a family called Asteraceae. It has no known specific origin. Chamomile grows almost all over the world. It also has various colors and scents.

Chamomile Flower
Matricaria Chamomilla- Water of Youth

The most common species (White flower with a yellow center) is called Matricaria chamomilla, which is also known as Water of Youth” and rightfully so. In a while, you will begin to see how just one cup of Chamomile tea a day can be immensely beneficial for your overall health.

History of Chamomile Use

The use of Chamomile is as old as human civilization. Egyptian Pharaohs used them for decorations, flavoring for food and drinks, and in baths. Roman history also shows extensive use of the Chamomile flowers.

Aside from them, early Indian, African, and South American cultures mention various use of the Chamomile plant, leaves, and flowers.

Most modern-day commercial Chamomile flowers still come from Egypt. To convert the flower into tea, you simply need to sun dry the petals and later, infuse them in hot water. It is a refreshing beverage with a very mildly sweet and earthy flavor, which almost anyone can enjoy.

Chamomile tea is also caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

7 Reasons to Drink Chamomile Tea

Here are the 7 reasons why you should drink at least one cup of chamomile tea a day (preferably before bedtime).

1. It Improves Sleep Quality

Any black, red, or green tea contains caffeine and therefore, is not suitable before sleeping. Chamomile tea does not have caffeine.

Instead, Chamomile tea contains Apigenin, a type of antioxidant that binds with the melatonin receptors in the brain to produce high-quality sleep. Chamomile tea definitely helps people suffering from insomnia.

A study, done on postpartum women, conclusively shows that those who took a cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime for two weeks had higher quality sleep. As a result, they were a lot more refreshed in the morning than those who did not drink the tea.

Another study showed that people who took 275 mg of Chamomile extract twice a day fell asleep 15 minutes faster. They were also less likely to wake up at night than those who did not take the extract.

However, just like any herbal medication, nothing is very definitive. More studies are required. Yet, if you are an insomniac and have a hard time falling asleep, a cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime is worth a shot.

2. It Strengthens Immune System

Again, more studies and experiments are necessary to prove this particular health benefit of Chamomile tea. It may be the result of improved sleep conditions and relaxation of the body.

Several unconfirmed studies show that taking Chamomile tea strengthens the immune system and can be very helpful with common colds, flu, sore throat, tonsillitis, and moderate fevers.

3. It Improves Skin Conditions

Chamomile flowers have a positive impact on skin health. As mentioned earlier, ancient Egyptians and Romans used this flower in the bath water. Modern soap and lotion manufacturers also use Chamomile extracts in their products.

Chamomile cleanses, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation and skin irritations such as rashes.

Chamomile extract is also an important ingredient in anti-aging night creams that people use under their eyes to reduce eye bags.

4. It Promotes Digestive Health

Keeping the digestive tract healthy contributes to the overall health of a person. Unlike other teas and coffee, Chamomile is not at all acidic but rather alkaline. It reduces acidity and gas.

It also prevents ulcers and stops ulcer-causing bacteria from reproducing. After drinking a cup of Chamomile tea, it almost instantly soothes the stomach. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with almost any gastrointestinal infections and congestion.

5. It Helps with Blood Sugar Control

Are you diabetic? Here’s a natural way to reduce your blood sugar level. Take 1 cup of Camomile tea after every meal. A study done on 64 diabetic patients shows that those who took a cup of tea after every meal kept their blood sugar level down by 58% to those who just drank water.

For some unknown reason, Chamomile extract strengthens pancreas health and performance. Diabetes is basically the pancreatic dysfunction that prevents it from producing enough insulin to process sugar. Chamomile is hugely beneficial to maintaining a good pancreas.

It does not mean that once you have diabetes, Chamomile tea can heal you. However, those who take Chamomile tea before or at the initial stage of Diabetes can prevent it from getting worse. Those who have Diabetes can take it as a supplement.

6. It Improves Heart Health

The study that was conducted on the 64 diabetic patients also found evidence that Chamomile tea lowers blood pressure. It’s full of Flavones, a type of antioxidant that reduces the bad LDL cholesterol and relaxes the heart.

More study is required to find out for sure how Chamomile tea improves heart health. Nonetheless, it cannot hurt to include it in the diet, especially after having a high-calorie fatty meal.

7. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Due to its relaxing and blood pressure lowering effects, Chamomile tea can be an important natural anti-anxiety supplement. Aside from drinking the tea, which is quite relaxing, Chamomile extract is also used in aroma therapy massage oils that relax the entire body.

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Two to three cups of tea a day can reduce anxiety and stress with the promise of a good night’s sleep to start the next day refreshed.

Most people suffering from Anxiety Disorder would like to take prescription medications like Valium, which may be addictive. Of course, if you have serious anxiety, you should take proper anxiety medications, but natural methods are always a lot safer.

The Takeaways

There you have it: 7 Reasons to drink Camomile tea every day. It is a caffeine-free drink that can relax your body, improve sleep, and reduce acidity, the health benefits of Chamomile tea are enormous.

This is one natural drink that contributes to your overall health like no other.

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