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Thomas Hardman is a renowned pharmacologist. He graduated in M.A. Pharmacology from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. He held chief researcher position in Bayer, and Genzen Inc.

Anxiety Disorder- What is it?

Anxiety is not uncommon. Not a single person goes through life without being anxious from time to time. As a matter of fact, there are moments when a little anxiety or stress is a good thing. For many people, it produces positive effects- makes them work harder or perform better at jobs or schools. It is only when normal anxiety starts to cause physical problems that we consider it an Anxiety Disorder, and it is a biochemical issue and a serious medical problem.

Tramadol FAQ: 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a Tramadol FAQ section where you can find answers to most of your questions about Ultram. What is Tramadol HCL? Tramadol HCL or Tramadol Hydrochloride is a synthetic pain medication that has a similar chemical structure as an opioid pain reliever. Don’t let the technical term ‘HCL (Hydrochloride). It is simply a kind …

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