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How to Order Valium Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Valium or Diazepam is one of the 6 most essential medications in the world. We don’t say it but WHO (World Health Organization) does. Despite that, it is also one of the most controversial medications due to its addictive nature. Here, in this step-by-step guide, we shall show you how to order Valium online safely.

What We Are Discussing

Where to Order From?

You should always order Valium from a trusted pharmacy- both online and offline. Diazepam is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the USA, so you cannot get it without a prescription.

If you are truly suffering from Anxiety Disorder, Sleep Disorder, or other muscle spam issues, you should consult a doctor and let him/he determine if you need Valium. If confirmed, you can get a prescription and order it from a regular pharmacy.

That is the safest method. Yet, there are those who don’t really have the kind of health insurance that covers these expenses. Let’s admit it. The Healthcare system in many countries has become so bureaucratic.

However, when you need it, you need it. Therefore, the alternative option for those without a prescription is to find an online pharmacy to order Valium from. As long as you can find a trustworthy international pharmacy, you should be okay.

Finding A Trustworthy Online Pharmacy

Ordering medications online is not a new idea. It has been more than 2 decades that online pharmacies are in business and it is a huge industry. Statistics show that in 2018, online pharmacies took 3.6 billion dollars in the United States alone.

Tempting as it may sound, this is not always all good. There are plenty of those which are fraudulent. Fraudulent online pharmacies are two types:

  1. They will ship you but the quality of the medications are questionable. There have been reports that fake Valium made people sick. Instead of Diazepam, the medications contained Fentanyl, a pretty risky substance.
  2. There are also those, who offer to ship overnight both US-to-US and UK-to-UK delivery. People, in a hurry, find them and order from them. They don’t ship anything at all. They simply take the money, and the next day, say that there were some issues with the package, and ask for more money, and more money.

Remember that a legit US pharmacy can’t ship prescription medication to someone in the USA, without a prescription. That’s just not possible.

While it is a 3.6 billion dollar business, people also have lost hundreds of millions of dollars falling victim to these fake pharmacies. We also have a more detailed article on ‘How to spot a fake online pharmacy’. If you want to learn, you can check that out.

You can also check out our ‘Where to Buy Valium Online’ article so that you can pick one yourself. We can guarantee one thing- they are not fake.

How to Order Valium Online

We have found that EuroMeds One is one of the best online pharmacies out there. We’ll show you how to order Valium online safely and without prescriptions from EuroMeds One.

Step 1: Log into the Site and Find the Medication

Go to https://euromedsone.com and find the medication. You can locate the medications by category or go directly to the ‘All Products’ page where all the available medications are listed.

Desktop View:

How to order Valium online- Desktop View
Finding the Medication

If you are on a mobile device, You can either click the ‘All Products’ tab at the top or click the hamburger menu and choose ‘Shop’. The hamburger menu is limited and doesn’t have all the categories.

Mobile View:

How to Order Valium online- Mobile view 1
Via 'All Products' tab
How to order Valium Online- Mobile View 2
Via Hamburger Menu

Once on the shop page, you can either scroll through all the medications, or simply use the Search Function to locate the medication you want.

Step 2: Choose the Dosage and the Package

There are two kinds of Valium available on EuroMeds One– 5 mg and 10 mg. Choose the dosage you like and select the package. The package (Quantity) options are 30 pills, 60 pills, 90 pills, 120 pills, 150 pills, and 180 pills.

Choosing the Dosage:

Choosing the dosage of Valium
Choosing Valium Dosage

Choosing the Package (Quantity):

Choosing the quantity and package
Choosing the Quantity

Under the two options and before the ‘Add to cart‘ button, you will also see a number, which is by default ‘1‘. Leave it at 1 unless you want to multiply the Quantity. For example, if you want to order 180 pills of Valium 10 mg, you can choose 90 pills and change the multiplier to ‘2‘. Then 90 pills will be multiplied by 2 and give you a total of 180 pills. Or, you can simply choose the 180-pill package.

Multiplying the number of pills
Multiplying the number of pills

The multiplier should only be used if you are ordering more than 180 pills. Say I want to buy 300 pills, then I can choose the 150-pill package and multiply it by 2.

Once you have chosen the number of pills, simply click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button. A pop-up will say ‘Product Successfully added to cart’. It will then have 3 options: View Cart, Checkout, and Continue shopping.

How to order Valium online- EuroMeds cart Popup
Cart Popup
  • View Cart– This will bring you to the cart and you can adjust and edit the order (Number of pills, package, etc). You can empty the cart if you wish to completely change the order. Also, you can check out from the cart page.
  • Checkout- This will bring you directly to the checkout page.
  • Continue shopping– This will bring you back to the Shop page again if you wish to add more items (Adderall, Xanax, or Tramadol) to your cart.

Step 3: Fill in the Order Form

Once you have finalized your items, you can go to the checkout page. Here, you should fill in the order form with your full name, billing, and shipping details. There are several things to consider on this page:

You will see a login option at the top that says, “Returning customers log in here“. If you are a customer with a registered account, you can log in here. If not, ignore it and simply continue filling up the form.

Next is the ‘Have a Coupon?‘ button. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it here. Don’t forget to click ‘Apply’ after.

Returning customer login and coupon code area
Login and Coupon code

In the address section, you should fill in your billing address. If your shipping address is different, you will see an option button that says, “Ship to a different address“. However, if the billing address and shipping address are the same, you can leave it as is.

Creating account and shipping address
Create an account and ship to a different address

Phone and email address are the two most important parts of the order process. This is when people make mistakes. Make sure the email address is correct and the phone number is your personal mobile and not a landline number.

The problem with landlines is that you won’t get the text message updates. And if you use an office landline (Common phone), and someone from the customer support (CS) calls, other people may answer the phone, which is something you don’t want although the CS agents are well-trained. Unless they can confirm that the person answering the phone is the customer, they won’t reveal any order information.

Step 4: Register an Account

If you aren’t a registered account holder, this is your chance. At the end of the form, you will see the button ‘Create an Account?’. EuroMeds One is pretty flexible. If someone doesn’t wish to register an account, it is okay. You can check out as a Guest- no problem.

However, if you plan to continue to order Valium regularly, why not register an account? It has several benefits.

  1. You will receive different promos and discounts.
  2. Your shipping information will be saved on a secure server so that you don’t have to fill in the checkout form again and again.
  3. You can check your order history, status, and updates from your account Dashboard.
  4. Coupon codes are applicable to registered customers only.

Those without registration won’t have these benefits.

Step 5: Choose the Shipping and Payment Option

Now you choose your shipping method and payment option. There are two types of shipping:

Shipping Options- Standard and Express
Shipping options- Standard and Express
  • Standard– It costs $30.00 and takes about 10-12 days for the shipment to arrive in the USA and the UK. Other countries may vary.
  • Express– It costs $80.00 and takes 4-6 days to the USA and the UK. Other countries may vary.

There are also multiple payment options to choose from:

Payment Options
Different payment options
  • Bitcoin (15% Discount)
  • MoneyGram (15% Discount)
  • Western Union (15% Discount)
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

Bitcoin, MoneyGram, and Western Union are called Alternative Payment Methods (APM). PayPal and Credit Card are the Mainstream Payment Methods (MPM). The benefits of APMs are that they are untraceable. If you are ordering Valium without a prescription, APM is the way to go.

MPMs are safe if you have prescriptions. They are traceable payment methods. Yet, you can still use PayPal or Credit Card even without prescriptions. EuroMeds One follows proper safety precautions.

Finally, agree to the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Place Order‘.

Final Step- Placing the order
Finalize and Place the Order

Step 6: Wait for the payment instructions and complete the order

You will realize that the payment gateways are not attached to the website. This is a safety protocol almost all online pharmacies follow. If a gateway, for example, PayPal, was attached to the site, then you could check out directly from the site, but PayPal will know exactly what you ordered. That is not what you want.

It’s okay if you order shoes online, but medications without prescriptions? No thank you.

Since the gateways are not attached to the site, your order will be manually reviewed by a CS agent and you will receive a payment instruction mail. Depending on the order volume and time of order, it may take several minutes to an hour or two.

So there is nothing much for you to do. You may go on with your everyday work. Just check your email from time to time.

For PayPal and Credit Card, they will email you an invoice link. You can click the link and complete the payment.

If you choose an APM, a step-by-step instruction mail will be sent to you. Even if you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Western Union, or MoneyGram and don’t know how to process them, the instruction mails are pretty complete and easy to follow.

Payment Instruction mail
Bitcoin instruction mail

One thing I like about EuroMeds One is that they are clear about everything. If it is your first time ordering, they will send you a ‘Welcome Mail‘ that contains all the basic information on how they operate. They know that when people check out, they don’t really read the terms and conditions. So they email you the basics just to keep you informed.

Additionally, their blog is full of useful articles for customers. They have articles like, ‘How to Set Up and Bitcoin Wallet’ and ‘Preferred Payment Methods for Online Pharmacies’. All are tips to help the customers process the payments easily.

EuroMeds One Blog
EuroMes One Blog

What to do After Ordering

There’s nothing much to do after you have completed the payment. You just wait for the package to arrive. You can, from time to time, log into your account and see the shipping status or track the shipment by yourself.

Registered Customer's Dashboard on EuroMeds One
Registered Customer's 'My Account' Dashboard

All order updates are automatically mailed to you (Registered or unregistered customers alike), but the system mail tends to end up in spam. For Google mail, it may also end up under the ‘promotion’ tab. If it ends up in spam, mark ‘not spam’ from your email provider’s options. That way, the next updates will get to your inbox and you will be notified instantly. They also have secure chat on the site for the customers to inquire.

Additionally, you can text them for a quick update. Whichever communication method works for you, EuroMeds One has it. The phone number is located at the top-left corner of the site.

Although the phone number is a US number, the pharmacy is not located in the States, which makes it ideal for US customers to order Valium online safely.

Promos and Discounts

Registered customers get a lot of discounts and promotion offers from EuroMeds One. Simply visit the Promo Page to see what medications are currently on promo.

EuroMeds One- Promo Items
Promo Items

You can also apply for a Year-long Coupon code if you have previously ordered $450.00 worth of medications. Go to the Promo Page and fill in the application form. You shall have an unlimited-use coupon code within 24 hours that will give you an additional 10% discount for every order.

EuromedsOne- Year long Coupon Code application
Year-long Coupon Code Application

The Takeaways

Valium is a controlled substance so the best idea is to get a prescription. Due to its addictive nature, it is always a good idea to follow the doctor’s advice regarding the usage and dosages.

Online pharmacies are just alternatives when you badly need the medications but have no means to get them. Therefore, use the medications wisely.

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