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Paris Hilton: Real Secrets (This is Paris)

Paris Hilton Secrets

Glamor, glory, and guile, she has it all, but is this really who Paris Hilton is? She came out of the closet (not that way). However, for the very first time, she is being true to herself and to the world by giving the real Paris Hilton. Her recent YouTube Documentary ‘This is Paris’ premiered September 14, 2020, and already has more than 12 million views. Arguably, she is a bigger star than Britney Spears, and even bigger than Kim Kardashian. Yet, she has been very quiet lately.

In this video, we see a totally different side of Paris Whitney Hilton. We learn about her life, a touch of history, and her relationships with others such as her sister Nicky Hilton, her mother Kathy Hilton, and her current boyfriend Karter Reum. We also find out some details on her childhood abuse stories at Provo Canyon School.

Just before the release of the documentary, she also opened up to the New York Times:

I built this kind of shield around me and kind of this persona, almost to hide behind because I’ve been through so much where I just didn’t even want to think about it anymore.

According to the article, if it wasn’t for her leaked sex tape, Paris was burnished to be a perfect celebrity. She is often known to be a hands-on person despite being an heiress. She has done modeling, writing, and brand managing. We know her to be a party girl- not that she doesn’t like it- it’s still business. She is an excellent DJ and gets a million dollars to play her mixes in a club.

In her own Instagram post she says:

Is there anything she can’t handle? She’s been broken. She’s been knocked down. She’s been defeated. She’s felt the pain that most couldn’t handle. She looks fear in the face. She never hides. And she always finds a way to get back up. She’s unbreakable. #ThisIsParis

We, however, are more interested in how she stays the way she is. We know that she is extremely busy. She eats, drinks, parties hard, and never have we seen her gain weight. Paris Hilton remains a “Perfect Barbie Doll’ all year long.

Paris Hilton Secrets: The Real Paris Hilton

Most celebrities won’t really admit it, but several medications actually keep them healthy and the way they are. We normally don’t know about those, because those are known to be controlled substances. Also, they are known to be addictive, but with proper dosages and control, addictions can be overcome. Some can’t do it though like Michael Jackson, but most of the celebrities including Kylie Jenner, take some medications to help keep their body in shape.

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Most medications can be ordered online. Following are a few of the medications:


It is one of the safest sleeping pills in the market with very minimal side-effects. Paris Hilton is an insomniac and has been for a long time. Due to the memory of her childhood abuse, she is unable to sleep at night. Ambien or Zolpidem keeps her from going insane. Additionally, she has not shown any signs of addiction or side-effects. The trick is to only take it when you need it. If you can’t sleep, take one and sleep full 7-8 hours. If there are some nights that you are naturally tired and can fall asleep, do so without the pills, and you will be fine. Taking it continuously without any break for a long time can cause addiction.


Phentermine is a phenomenal weight-loss pill. It is a mild stimulant with appetite suppressing qualities. Phentermine actually stops you from eating a lot. It also helps refrain from untimely snacking.  It has never been proven to be addictive. Take 2 Phentermine 37.5 mg a day for a period of 30 days and take a 10-day break. If you need to lose more, start another course after 10 days.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our Phentermine FAQ.


This can be a controversial medication. Adderall gives focus and it is a stronger stimulant. On Adderall, you can go long hours without having to rest or eat much. Adderall can be used for ADHD, Narcolepsy, and weight loss. However, it does have addiction issues. Yet, many who use Adderall on a regular basis have claimed that it can be kept in check. The way to do it is the same as Ambien. If you know that you have long hours of work ahead, take one. If you have nothing much to do, don’t. Paris uses them for her long party nights where she has to drink, party, and DJ at the same time. It provides excellent energy. The key is to take rest after so take plenty of rest.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our Adderall FAQ.

And those three are the true secret ingredients for Paris Hilton. It’s how she remains in shape while doing all the things she does. We wish her all the best and happiness ahead in life.

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