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Natural Weight Loss at Your Fingertips

Natural weight loss at your finger tips

“A natural weight loss method? Oh, I’ve heard that before. It didn’t work.”

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “This must be another mumbo-jumbo about some slick and quick weight loss plan that doesn’t really work”. Well, I totally understand your frustration.

You are not alone in this matter. “How to lose weight fast” is probably one of the most searched words on Google with over 380,000 searches per month from the USA alone. When you do a search, you will see that there are tons of experts and their articles on weight loss.

What are the Common Steps to Losing Weight?

There are 7 tips, 10 tips, 12 steps, 20 steps, and of course, the biggest advice of all, “You have to change your lifestyle”. They don’t realize that their biggest advice is also the hardest to follow.

We are supposed to be unique beings. I don’t want to change my lifestyle. I love pizza and I love my pizza extra cheezy. I want my burger with large fries and a real soda- not a diet one because the taste sucks.

The choice between healthy and unhealthy diet
The Burden of Choice

So here I am trying to avoid my favorite foods and drinks and turning myself into a goat (there’s just too much salad and carrot smoothies). On the other hand, my friend seems not to care at all. She eats and drinks whatever she likes whenever she likes and maintains the same type of body all year long.

They say it’s genetic. Yes, genes can be a factor, but isn’t it unfair that I should do all the dieting and exercising while she does nothing? I told you about the Google searches and in the first article, there are 12 tips. One of them is to plan a low-calorie diet for a week and stick to it.

Imagine if you are a businessman or a mother with 3 children. How successful do you think you will be at following that kind of advice? And if you, by chance, do manage to follow a specific regimen, I can guarantee you one thing- your life will become robotic.

Counting calories, eating salads, and following a strict exercise plan take the normal joys out of life. I mean sure, I like to play tennis from time to time, but I do it because I want to- not because I have to. I also like to have a few drinks occasionally with my friends. Would I choose a low-calorie beer? Ah, NO.

Isn’t that the Truth?

If you agree with me, keep on reading just for a while and I’ll reveal to you a 1 step natural weight loss method that won’t rob you of your liberty to be who you are.

What if I told you that your body already has the ability to get rid of fat fast, and all you have to do is know how to trigger the system? The idea has evolved from the genetic sciences. We knew before that about 2% of our genes are active within our body and 98% are junk, inactive, or dormant.

But if active, genes can do wonders. You don’t have to believe me. Look at the oldest WWII veteran. He is 109 years old and smokes 12 cigars a day. Somehow he has an active set of genes that filters out the toxins (Nicotine and other bad chemicals) from the body, and he remains healthy.

And of course, I have already told you about my friend who eats everything and never gains a pound. She has an active set of genes that produces and replenishes a type of tissue called Brown Adipose Tissue.

What is Brown Adipose Tissue?

Brown Adipose Tissue or BAT is found in all mammals. It’s abundant in newborns, children, and young adults. That’s why they have such high metabolic rates. People also know this as ‘Brown Fat’, but don’t get me wrong. It’s not exactly fat. It converts into muscles.

As we grow old, most of the BAT gets absorbed or turned into muscles. And if those genes that trigger the body to reproduce and replenish the BAT become dormant, our metabolism slows and we start to accumulate fatty cells.

Brown Adipose Tissue
Brown Adipose Tissue Locations

There are 2 ways Brown Adipose Tissue burns calories:

  1. It produces heat via Thermoregulation: BAT contains highly dense blood vessels that convert stored energy in the body for shivering muscles. It means if you have a good amount of BAT in your body, you will have a boost of energy during a heavy workout.
  2. It also produces heat while at rest via Thermogenesis: Very young babies and hibernating animals make use of this. BAT keeps them warn and all the bodily functions active during long hours of sleep. So it burns calories even when you are asleep, especially when you are asleep.

Again, you don’t have to believe me. Here is a Wiki Link to Brown Adipose Tissue. Find out for yourself.

Research has also found out that if for some reason, the genes that trigger the replenishment of BAT go dormant, regardless of your age, you will start to gain weight. That’s why scientists are super concentrated on this to prevent childhood obesity. It turns out that for some children, the genes go dormant at an early age.

Recent advancements in genetics show that you can trigger dormant genes and bring them back to life. And if you could only find a way to trigger those genes that facilitate the creation and replenishment of BAT, you will automatically lose weight no matter what you eat (just like my friend). You can lose weight while sleeping, and the best part is that this system already exists in your body. Wouldn’t that be a

‘1 Simple Step to Lose Weight Naturally’?

Nature is truly a wonder. While large pharmaceutical companies look for chemical solutions, Bio-tech industries are one step ahead. Researchers have found 8 herbs that can bring the set of genes that trigger BAT production back to activity.

For the first time, a US company has invested in procuring these natural herbs and infusing them into one compact herbal weight loss supplement.

Exipure Natural Weight Loss Supplement

This is your 1 step toward the weight loss journey. Exipure is 100% organic and GMO-free, Gluten-free, and it is 100% American-made in an FDA-accredited facility and GMP certified. The following are the herbs that are infused in one capsule:

  • Perilla Leaves
  • Kudzu Vines
  • Holy Basil
  • Korean White Ginseng
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Propolis (A type of bee wax)
  • Quercetin Flavonoid
  • Oleuropein (Found in olive oil)

Now you can, of course, go on and get those herbs yourself. Olive oil is easy. You can also find some Korean White Ginseng at a grocery store. Holy basil also may be available.

Yet, you can’t find all of them at once. You also cannot prepare them for consumption the same way. The ginseng has to be soaked for days, and the Amur Cork Bark is hard to eat. However, you can simply order a bottle of Exipure and test it for yourself.

They have a 180-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see any results, you get a full refund. Does it seem like the one step you are willing to take?

Celebrities Who Have Lost Weight Fast

They won’t publicly admit or endorse a weight loss product. The reason is that they generally get highly paid for any commercials they appear in. They can’t do it for free. Secondly, if they tell people that they took some sort of shortcut in order to get in shape, they lose public interest.

That’s why most celebrities say that they are on a strict diet or they have an exercise regimen. Yet, think about it. The life of a celebrity like a movie star is not that easy. You never know where and when you have to do a shoot. It could be in the day, at night, or you may have to travel to another part of the world.

Their lifestyle is very irregular. How could they possibly maintain a strict weight loss plan?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson, the 40-year-old comedy actress, started her weight loss program in May 2020 and dropped to 165 pounds by November 2020. That’s just 6 months.

Although she would not mention her initial weight when she started, you can still see the shocking difference in the before and after pictures.

Rebel Wilson weight loss before and after photo
Rebel Wilson Before and After

Jonah Hill Weight Loss

Another popular actor who lost weight drastically in 3 months is Jonah Hill. This popular comedian and the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actor said that he did try going to the gym on a regular basis, but a lot of the time, he couldn’t due to work.

And yet, here you see him in the pictures:

Jonah Hill Weight Loss Photo Before and After
Jonah Hill Before and After

Well, I wound not go as far as to say that Exipure is the only thing you need. If you really can follow a proper weight loss program, you should. That is, you can follow the basic weight loss tips.

The Best Weight Loss Practices:

Here are 5 things you can do promote weight loss.

  1. Eat at certain scheduled times. Irregularities confuse the digestive system.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Avoid soft drinks.
  3. Eat foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and proteins.
  4. Avoid junk, oily, and, salty fast foods.
  5. Sleep well and make sure you have sufficient rest.

And if you are in hurry, and want your weight loss journey to be effortless, you can add 1 simple all-natural weight loss supplement like Exipure.

The Takeaways

I know how we feel when we can’t wear the dress that we like or ask a guy out at a party because we are too uncomfortable bout how we look. Lack of self confidence is a suffering.

So now you have just one step for a natural, healthy, and holistic weight loss at your fingertips. You don’t have to change your lifestyle or be who you aren’t. This one capsule of supplement per day won’t cause you any headache, nor will it interfere with your busy life. Go ahead and give it a try.

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