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5 Best Online Pharmacies 2022

best online pharmacies

It is the middle of the year again and time to evaluate and find the 5 best online pharmacies 2022. By nature, online pharmacies have a bad reputation. A lot of them are scams and frauds. However, e-Medz Solution is dedicated to finding reliable ones so that you do not lose your money.

The trend of buying medications online is not new. Online pharmacies have existed since the start of Amazon. People realized that they could order prescription medications easily without prescriptions and have them delivered home. It saves a lot of trouble. Online pharmacies are a also lot cheaper than regular pharmacies.

Understand that in this article, we discuss pharmacies from where you can buy prescription medications easily, at a low price, and preferably without prescriptions. In this category, there are lots of fraudulent pharmacies. If you want to learn how to spot a fake one, please read our article:

How to Spot A Fake Online Pharmacy

This is a new year, but the judging criteria for the online pharmacies will be the same as last year:

  1. Quality of Medications (1-5): Whether the pharmacy offers quality medications (Branded or Generic). It also includes whether the picture on the web match the pills they sell. There are times, that is not the case.
  2. Prices (1-5): Of course, prices are a big deal. We have taken into consideration if the prices are reasonable. Too low price may mean that the medications are not quality pills. Too high is also not good, especially for the customers.
  3. Shipping (1-5): This category includes how fast and efficiently they ship and what shipping methods they offer. Due to COVID-19, post offices and other delivery services are not fully operational. Delays happen, but some pharmacies are open and honest about it. Others are not.
  4. Customer Service (1-5): It is a huge part of an online pharmacy. We have checked if the online pharmacy has a proper customer service team, and how fast and efficiently they respond to the customers.
  5. Ease of Use (1-5): The final criteria include how easy it is for the customers to order the medications and pay for them. We have considered the different payment options the pharmacies offer and if the customers find it easy to use.

So, without further ado,

The 5 Best Online Pharmacies 2022

1. EuroMeds One

EuroMeds One, just like last year, is still the #1 online pharmacy among the 5 best online pharmacies 2022. It started business in 2005 and still has a commanding presence online. Their headquarter is in the Netherlands and the shipping facility is located in the Philippines.

You do not need a prescription to order medications from EuroMeds One.

Quality of Medications5
Customer Service5
Ease of Use5
Total Score23
  • Quality of Medication: They get 5 as their quality is unmatched. Unlike other pharmacies, they don’t ship if they are not sure of the quality. Also, they are very open about whether the medications are generic or branded. The pictures on the site are accurate. What you see is what you get.
  • Prices: They get 4 for prices. They are slightly more expensive than other online pharmacies. However, they do have plenty of Promos, discounts, and Coupon codes for their repeat customers.
  • Shipping: They score 4 for shipping. They offer Standard shipments that take 10-12 days and Express shipments that take 4-6 days, but since the airlines and the post offices are not yet fully operational after COVID-19, the shipments may get delayed. However, they are very clear about it. They also assist customers with tracking.
  • Customer Service: They get 5. They have multiple channels of communication (Phone, text, email, and chat). You can get a hold of them anytime. They also encourage the customers to communicate, unlike some other fraudulent online pharmacies where you can only communicate via emails.
  • Ease of Use: EuroMeds One is very easy to use. You place your order and within a few minutes, you receive an email with payment instructions. They accept multiple payment methods. PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and also Alternative payment options such as Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin for those without prescriptions. They are the only online pharmacy website with a blog to help educate the customers about different payment methods.

2. The Medicine Hub

The Medicine Hub (TMH) is a new player in the business. They started in 2021 and already gained a fair amount of popularity. We have to say that their operating style is similar to EuroMeds One. Their shipping facility is also located in the Philippines. That’s why they rank #2 on our list of 5 best online pharmacies 2022.

You do not need a prescription the order medications from TMH.

Quality of Medications4
Customer Service4
Ease of Use4
Total Score21
  • Quality of Medications: They get 4. So far so good. Since it is a new pharmacy, we are still evaluating it, but so far we haven’t heard any complaints about the quality of their medications. They sell both generic and branded medications.
  • Prices: They get 5 for prices. Medications are relatively cheaper. Comparing the quality of medications, we are guessing that they are trying to enter the market and win the competition by lowering their prices. But that’s okay. Customers are enjoying it.
  • Shipping: They get 4. It’s a bit slow. Standard shipments arrive within 20 days and Express shipments arrive within 10 days. But here is an important thing. Other pharmacies that existed for a long time say that their shipments arrive within 10-12 days and due to COVID, the shipments get delayed. In the case of TMH, since they started their business during the COVID period, they must already know about the delays and so their estimated delivery time is 20 days. Pretty fair if you ask me.
  • Customer Service: They get 4. They also have multiple channels for communication (Phone, text, email, and chat). Their response time is a bit slow, but they do communicate. They are new and probably don’t have enough personnel yet. Give them a little time.
  • Ease of Use: The user experience is pretty good. They also have multiple payment options. They accept PayPal and Credit Cards but insist on Alternative payment options like Western Union, Moneygram, and Bitcoin. Especially, when the customer has no prescription. We understand that since alternative methods are safer.

3. Blink Health

Blink Health remains #3 on our list of 5 best online pharmacies 2022 just like last year. They should have been #1 but their operation is very limited. It is an all-American online pharmacy. It ships only in the United States.

You do not need a prescription to order medications from Blink Health, but you must have one to pick up your package since it is not sent to your home.

Quality of Medications3
Customer Service4
Ease of Use3
Total Score18
  • Quality of Medications: They get 3. They are all about the generics and never sell any branded medications.
  • Prices: They get 5 for prices. Their prices are really really low. That’s probably because all the medications are generic and are imported from manufacturers located in Asian countries such as Thailand.
  • Shipping: They get 3 for shipping. However, if you are a US customer, you can get the shipment quickly (1-2 days) because Blink Health is local. The reason they get 3 is that they can’t ship worldwide. Also, they don’t ship the medications to someone’s home. They’ll ship to the pharmacy near your home and you have to go there, show your prescription, and pick up the package. That almost violates the basics of a mail-order online pharmacy.
  • Customer Service: They get 4. They have a pretty good email, chat, and phone service. They are responsive and helpful. However, as we mentioned earlier, they have limitations.
  • Ease of Use: They get 3. It is easy to order but as we mentioned earlier, you don’t receive the medications at home. You still need to go to the nearest pharmacy to pick up the package. Also, you can’t have the medications without a valid prescription so it’s up to you.

4. Pills Point

They have been in the business for more than a decade and are still one of the best online pharmacies in the world. It is a Pakistan-based pharmacy.

You do not need a prescription to order medications from Pills Point.

Quality of Medications4
Customer Service2
Ease of Use3
Total Score16
  • Quality of Medications: They get 4. They are all generic medications manufactured in Pakistan. However, the medications are pretty good and effective.
  • Prices: They get 4. They are reasonable. However, since they are manufactured in Pakistan, we would appreciate it if the prices are slightly lower.
  • Shipping: They get 3. One problem with shipments from Pakistan is that they tend to get held by the Customs very frequently. That’s a problem. However, Pills Point is very patient and understanding about it. They reship for free. Yet, the customer has to wait for quite a while to get the medications.
  • Customer Service: This is something they have to improve. They get 2 because the only way to communicate with them is via emails and even so, the personnel in charge are not that good at English so it is quite difficult to understand their emails.
  • Ease of Use: Due to the difficulty in communications, their Ease of Use also gets a 3.

Recently, we heard that the US Authorities seized the domain of Pills Point. We hope they sort it out and come back online soon.

5. Hot Canadian Pharmacy

Now I know that it has not earned much respect lately, but Hot Canadian Pharmacy is still one of the best online pharmacies by reputation. However, their website is not operational. We hope they get back online soon.

We know that Canada is a close neighbor to the USA and that’s probably the reason why Hot Canadian Pharmacy got into trouble with the US Government.

The Takeaways

Yes, it is somewhat risky to buy medications online. Were it not for the bureaucracies in our healthcare system, we’d probably order medications from regular pharmacies. Yet, the reality is that people need their medications, and do not always have the means to have a proper prescription or insurance to cover the costs.

That’s why online pharmacies have become an essential part of our lives. We hope the information provided above helps people.

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