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Phentermine-The King of Weight Loss Pills

phentermine- the king of weight loss pills

Weight Loss’ is one of the most discussed topics on the internet. Google Search records about 85,000 searches per day from the United States alone. It’s the third most popular topic after ‘sex’ and ‘weather’. And when it comes to weight loss, people are always intrigued to cut corners and take the easy way. One way is by purchasing ‘weight loss pills‘, and the King of all weight loss products in the market is called Phentermine. It’s the oldest and tends to be also the most reliable weight loss pills out there. In this article, E-Medz Solution will take on Phentermine and all its aspects including side effects, addiction issues, and where to buy it easily.

What is Phentermine?

It’s an amphetamine-based neurostimulator (CNS Stimulant) that has the ability to suppress appetite. In general, it works on the brain and the nervous system and stimulates several brain chemicals called neurotransmitters causing the body to burn fat and reduce appetite.

Before and After Phentermine: (2 Months)

before and after phentermine 2 months
Before and after Phentermine for 2 months

History of Phentermine:

It was first introduced in 1959 as an appetite suppressant. FDA approved it to treat obesity and other weight-related conditions such as heart disease and high blood cholesterol-related complications. You can say that this drug has withstood the test of time. Even after 60 years, Phentermine dominates 80% of the weight loss supplement market. There was also a version Fen-Phen which was a combination of Phentermine and fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine. However, that was disapproved by the FDA because it caused some heart complications. Real Phentermine HCL, however, is still considered safe.

How it Works in the body:

Phentermine HCL 3D structure

By Sbrools – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Phentermine works by releasing 3 three vital hormones that naturally occur in the body: Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Dopamine. They all have distinct functions.

  • Norepinephrine: It’s Epi or simply Adrenalin. Norepinephrine produces a ‘fight-or-flight’ response in the body. In short, it burns down the fatty cells to produce some quick energy. That’s where Phentermine gets its calorie-burning capabilities.
  • Serotonin: Serotonin is so versatile that even the medical scientists haven’t figured out all its functions. One thing we do know is that Serotonin controls our digestive tract. It tells the brain to stop eating. Without Serotonin, we’d eat ourselves to death. The release of Serotonin decreases appetite and makes our bowel movement regular. So that’s where Phentermine gets the appetite suppression capabilities.
  • Dopamine: Finally, it releases Dopamine. It’s the reward center hormone that tells the brain that ‘everything is fine’. Dopamine is released after rewarding activities such as sex. It relaxes the body and in some ways counteracts Norepinephrine. While Norepinephrine gives the body an energy boost, you are not in a panic because of Dopamine. And believe it or not, this relaxing effect is necessary to lose weight efficiently. As you will see in a video below that if your body is in stress, it actually activates a self-defense mechanism that reduces calorie burn so happiness is a key ingredient to losing weight.

So the resulting effect is you are energetic and burning calories, you have little appetite, and you are relaxed. All these are very helpful if you are to lose weight. After all, weight loss should be a happy thing.

Note: Got more questions? Check out our Phentermine FAQ page.

Generic and the Brands:

Adipex-P is a brand name. It is also known as K25 pills. There are several other brand names like Pro-Fast and Ionamin. The main ingredient for all of them is Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL).

How to Identify:

Depending on the brand, it comes in different forms, but the most common is the tablet form. The way to identify real Phentermine is by looking at it. The pills are oval and white with blue dots on them and have the inscription 30 50 on one side.

phentermine 37.5mg
Credit: EuroMeds One

Dosages and Usage:

Dosages available in the market can be 8mg, 15mg, 30mg, and finally the K25 or 37.5mg. While 8 mg and 15 mg versions are for young-young adults, the K25 version is the most common for an average adult.

Doctors usually prescribe 2 Phentermine 37.5mg a day for a month. After a month, if the patient has reached a satisfactory weight level, it’s stopped. If not, the recommendation is that the patient take a 10-day break before resuming another new course for 30 days.

Note: The Reason for the 10-day break is that all weight loss medications tend to weaken the body, and it needs time to recover. Therefore, never take Phentermine continuously for 3 months or so.

Phentermine Prices and where to buy:

Here is the trick- you cannot buy it at a regular pharmacy without a valid prescription. Due to its amphetamine-like nature, the DEA considers it a Schedule IV controlled substance. That means that it has very little potential for abuse. Hence, at least in the USA, it is a prescription-only medication. The same is in the UK because it generally follows US footprints.

But that doesn’t mean that other countries do the same. There are plenty of other countries where Phentermine is an OCT or ‘Over the Counter’ medication. That’s why a lot of online pharmacies take that opportunity. You can actually order Phentermine online from a legit pharmacy at a really cheap price, and since it’s online, you can order it from the USA, the UK, Canada, France, or any other countries where you find it hard to get your hands on it.


Regular Pharmacy$5.50 – $7.00 USD per pill
Online Pharmacy$2.95 – $3.00 USD per pill
Phentermine 37.5mg prices

You can check out our article ‘Order Phentermine Online USA & UK‘ for further information on where to buy it online.

Sweet deal, huh? Yet, you must ask your online pharmacy if they have a discreet packaging system. That way you can make sure that the medications are delivered to your door without any hassle. You are buying it online without a valid prescription, you may not want everyone to know about it.

Note:Got more questions? Check out our Phentermine FAQ page.

Obesity Treatment:

Phentermine is THE obesity treatment. Although normal overweight people can take it, it was approved by the FDA for obesity treatment purposes only. Obesity is a common problem in the United States and Phentermine is the only reliable solution although doctors prescribe Phentermine with a proper high-fiber diet and an exercise regimen. For people who are just a little overweight, Phentermine can work as a stand-alone drug. That means that you don’t need the diet or the exercise.

Dietitians’ Opinion on Weight Loss:

Phentermine Side-Effects:

All medications have some side-effects and so does Adipex. Yet, they are almost negligible. It has been considered one of the safest weight loss pills. Yet, after taking them, you may experience the following:

  • Dry Mouth: It’s a mild stimulant so you may experience a little dry mouth. Keep some water in a bottle handy and it’ll solve the problem. Besides, if your intention is to lose weight, you’d want to drink more water. Just don’t go for Soda or beer and you’ll be fine.
  • Nausea: It is uncommon but it can occur. The appetite suppression causes this. You may feel it at the very beginning when you first started using K25. Your body is probably not used to it. However, it should disappear within a day or two.
  • Headache: Also very uncommon but can happen at the very beginning. Especially if you have low blood pressure, headache can center around the back of your neck. An aspirin will get rid of it.
  • Weakness: Highly unlikely, but possible. It is a stimulant so weakness is quite out of the question, but if you are eating a lot less due to your lowered appetite, you may feel some weakness in the body or on the joints. The advice for that is to eat. You’re already on medication, so you should have at least two healthy meals a day. Weakness can also occur after long-term use, but we’ll discuss that in the latter part.
  • Blur Vision: That can occur if you haven’t slept well. Remember to take Phentermine in the earlier parts of the day. All stimulants give you a boost of energy. If you take it in the evening, it may cause you not to sleep and as a result, blur vision the following day.

All of those side effects you can live with. However, if the side-effects become really uncomfortable, you should definitely seek a doctor’s advice.

Addiction Issues:

As mentioned earlier, it’s a stimulant and DEA considers it a Schedule IV drug. There is a little chance for addiction. However, a survey conducted on 10,000 participants by Princeton University found no evidence of addiction when Phentermine is used properly.

If a patient follows the routine of 30 days at a time and a 10-day break rule, there is no addiction problem even if the patient uses it for over a year. On the other hand, using it continuously without any break can lead to severe weakness and addiction. I mean look, you are probably addicted to sugar and coffee in the same manner. Anything taken over a long time without a break creates dependency.


Never take Phentermine if you are allergic to Phentermine HCL. Also, people with low blood pressure and diabetes should be extremely careful. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid Phentermine as well. You should always consult a doctor beforehand. Most importantly, do not take Phentermine continuously for a long time. Follow the 30-day-10-day schedule if you want to consistently lose weight over a long period of time.

Note:Got more questions? Check out our Phentermine FAQ page.

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