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Countries and Restrictions for Modafinil

order Modafinil in the USA

One of the biggest questions we face about Modafinil is ‘Is it legal to buy Modafinil online?‘ In this article, we’ll clear the air once and for all. The simple answer to that question is ‘Yes‘ and ‘No‘. Depending on how much you need it, we’ll let you decide whether you would go through with the process. For ease, we have divided this topic into 3 subsections: order Modafinil in the USA, Order Modafinil in the UK, and Order Modafinil in Canada. These are the three countries that use Modafinil the most. Therefore, it will be relevant. Before we get into the details, let’s understand the basic laws for prescriptions.

Basic Laws For Prescription Medications

This is how it generally works. If a licensed physician has given you a prescription for a certain medication, you can easily buy that from a regular pharmacy. Therefore, an American doctor licensed by the American medical board can issue a prescription to an American citizen (or a foreigner currently in the USA) and he/she can then buy the medications from an American pharmacy. Therefore, it is a matter of jurisdiction.

Now for example, an American is visiting another country such as Canada and gets sick. He then goes to a Canadian doctor and gets a prescription. He can only buy that medication in Canada. If he brings that prescription to the USA, it won’t be valid because the doc tor was licensed by the Canadian Medical board. However, if he has bought the medications from a Canadian pharmacy and carries them over to the United States, the medication is considered legal although the prescription is invalid. If he needs a refill, he can either go to an American doctor to get diagnosed again and get another prescription or he can reorder from a Canadian pharmacy using the same Canadian prescription. That would be legal too.

This is where it gets more interesting. If a certain medication is simply an OTC (Over The Counter) drug in another country (Which means that it does not require any prescription), anyone can order it even though the medication is a prescription medication in the USA or the UK or Canada. The only thing here is the patient has to physically be in that particular country. He can then carry the medications back to the USA or UK, and its legal.

Internet has solved this ‘Physical Presence’ problem. Even though you are not in a country, you can order a medication online from a pharmacy in that country. The pharmacy then ships the order to you. And since you were not physically in that country, this action makes it somewhat illegal. However, the online pharmacies got pretty good at packaging. Most of the reliable online pharmacies have a discreet packaging system in that they remove the medications from their original blisters and reseal in vacuum packs. This avoids customs detection (Scan). Once it has passed through the Customs, there is nothing to worry about. It is as legal as any other medications.

Order Modafinil in the USA

If you are a US citizen living in the States and would like to order Modafinil in the USA, you can do so easily. You may order Modafinil online from an international online pharmacy and get the medications at your doorstep. Modafinil is only a Schedule IV substance in the USA and it is an OTC medication in many other countries. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) decided to include Modafinil in the scheduling system in 2007.

Order Modafinil in the UK

Lucky for UK citizens, there are no laws regarding Modafinil. UK Legislation has not put Modafinil under any drug schedules. However, since the USA and the UK governments generally have the same attitude, it is very likely that Modafinil will be included soon. Yet, there is one simple problem. There is no Modafinil in any UK pharmacies. You simply cannot buy it. But again, ordering Modafinil online is fine. You can definitely order Modafinil in the UK via an online pharmacy.

Order Modafinil in Canada

The laws in Canada are a lot different. Health Canada has only two schedules. Schedule 1 means prescription drugs and Schedule 2 means non-prescription drugs. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Modafinil is also not listed in any of those two schedules. And similar to the UK, it is hard to find Modafinil at a regular pharmacy. Therefore, if you are living in Canada, the internet is probably the best way to order Modafinil in Canada.


We know that people need their medications whether their governments agree or not. Buying Modafinil online in a country where it is a controlled substance can be risky, but there are solutions to that problem. If you desperately need some, find a good international online pharmacy. You may also visit the pharmacy below for a safe delivery of high-quality Modafinil.

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