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History of Modafinil

history of Modafinil

The history of Modafinil is rather dramatic. It was first discovered by two French chemists in 1974. They were researching a way to treat narcolepsy without the use of Amphetamine-based products such as Adderall or Ritalin, which have a lot of withdrawal issues. It was derived from another chemical known as Adrafinil. Modafinil became an instant hit and was first used by a French neurophysiologist, Michel Jouvet. Little did he know about the other uses. People started to use Modafinil as sexual performance enhancer and as a party drug.

In 1994, Modafinil got its first approval from the French government to treat narcolepsy and other sleep-related disorders where stimulants are applicable. A company named Cephalon obtained manufacturing rights to produce Modafinil in the USA under the brand name Provigil. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Modafinil for US patients in 1998.

It also became known for some other off-label use such as a performance enhancer and a ‘Smart Drug’. Modafinil also seemed to work for patients suffering from ADHD. As a performance enhancer, Modafinil is still popular among US military personnel during long missions. Air force pilots also benefit from it.

As a ‘Smart Drug’, it also gained popularity among students and high-level executives. Nevertheless, the high feeling of Modafinil posed a risk of addiction and abuse. As a result, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) decided to put it under Schedule IV (Low potential for addiction) in 2003.

Professional Use of Modafinil

A lot of professional athletes use Modafinil during practice periods, but it is banned from professional sports. That is, if you are a professional athlete, you must stop using it at least a week before the event. If found during the drug test, you will be disqualified.

Modafinil as Sexual Performance Enhancer

Modafinil as Sexual Performance Enhancer
Modafinil for Sex

Many also use Modafinil as a sexual performance enhancer. It works, but make sure not to use it for a long time. If you read our Modafinil Side Effects article, you will realize that over a long period of time, Modafinil will cause the body to weaken. It may cause loss of muscles and bone density. That is something you don’t want. Other than that, you may use Modafinil as sexual performance enhancer.

Modafinil as a Party Drug

It is not ecstasy, but it works as a party drug as well. The release of energy allows you to party all night long. You may drink a lot and not feel much drunk since it keeps you awake. However, we must remind you that this is how the abuse starts. Our recommendation is that if you decide to party once a week and take Modafinil, it’s probably okay, but don’t do it every day. We’d seriously recommend reading our Modafinil FAQ for a better understanding.

This is a brief history of Modafinil. Please check out our other articles to better understand the drug and its interactions. That way, you will be able to buy it and use it safely.

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